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Belfi is named after its two co-founders, Isa(bel) and (Fi)nn, the name signifies their connection and dual ownership but also relates to a beautiful finish.

Our mission is to create products you'll want to keep forever. This is achieved by designing long-lasting products using eco-friendly PLA and sustainable production, ultimately creating a beautiful finish to our customer homeware needs.



Why do we use 3d-printing?

3D-Printing is is a powerful medium, allowing for fast, interation and crafting. It allows the company to grow and scale infinitely, due to decentralised 3d-printing. The medium allows us to create unique products that are affordable for our patrons, but also creates less waste and offsets carbon dioxide globally. As we progress and push boundaries of 3d-printing, we wish to show the world how beautiful plastic is as a resource and how we should cherish it, rather than seeing it as something cheap.

What is our product made from?

It is very important for our products to last forever, thus we use a biosourced plastic called Poly-Terra PLA. This plastic is made entirely out of natural materials, most notably the sugars of sugarcane and corn. The product can be composted under industrial conditions.

Why do we use plastic to produce our products?

Plastic is most commonly known for its use in the mass production of single use, throw away items, thus its global perception is that it is harmful to the environment and is very cheap.

Our goal is to transform this mindset. Plastic is a multifaceted material, it is versatile, abundant, durable and long lasting. Us as consumers need to do to stop vilifying plastics and rather learn how to use the material for better.

Belfi designs handmade objects that are personal, tell a unique story and are made to last. By treating the material with care we create one-of-a-kind pieces people will want to keep forever. We encourage everyone to question their own use of readily available, cheap plastics, and compare this to the beauty and ingenuity of plastic used in 3d-printing.